About Us

AFAZ ENGINEERING AND SERVICES is a sole proprietorship bumiputera company established on 29 September 2017 which performs the work of supplying, maintaining and installing quality portable fire extinguishers and in accordance with the specifications set by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.

AFAZ ENGINEERING AND SERVICES started on the initiative of Mr. Ahmad Farid Bin Abdullah Zawawi intends to open more employment opportunities to Malaysians, especially bumiputeras in line with the wishes and policies of the Malaysian Government.

The company is registered with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia). Although the company looks relatively new in the related field, with experience from small and medium projects, we are committed to responding to challenges and confident in performing our assigned tasks.

The company also joins its peers (sub-contractors) to provide the best and quality services.

Our Mission

AFAZ ENGINEERING AND SERVICES strives and is committed to achieving the mission below:

  1. Implement the given projects efficiently and trustfully and excellently in order to meet the needs of customers;
  2. Practicing teamwork and trust, professional and productive;
  3. Determined to provide high returns and remuneration to employees standing or exceeding market quality; and
  4. Using the latest and efficient technology and systems to manage and implement quality projects.

Contact Us

No. 16 Jalan Ecohill 1/6A
Setia Ecohill
43500 Semenyih